Ancol Ergo Rubber Grooming Glove Blue

Hills Pet Shop

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-Effectively removes large amounts of loose fur
-Can be used on wet or dry fur
-Ideal for short, smooth, and medium-length coats
-Fantastic moulting tool
The glove can be used on either hand. To use on dry fur, gently brush the hair in the direction of the fur growth. The knobbles and friction cause by the glove will pull away loose hairs. To ensure your dog has an enjoyable grooming session, start gently. If you dog enjoys the grooming glove, more pressure can be applied to remove more fur. To use on wet fur, massage the coat with the glove; this is ideal for working up a lather with shampoo. Pause or end the grooming session if your dog becomes agitated. The glove can also be used to effectively remove shed fur from soft furnishings such as carpetrpets and sofas.

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