Be: Set Shampoo Bar Stack 6pk - Handmade & All Natural 300g

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Unique 6-in-1 Collection

This set of pet shampoo bars is handmade in England from the finest natural ingredients,

These luxury pet shampoo bars are infused with essential oils & botanicals for a gorgeous silky coat.

  • 1 Bar = 10-12 Washes
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • TSA (Travel) Friendly
  • Compostable

Be:calm x 2: Calming & Moisturising - Goats Milk & Lavendar for nourished nuzzling

Be:clean x 2: Antibacterial & Cleansing - Green Tea & Tea Tree Essence for a high-gloss coat

Be:Vegan x 2: Soothing & Calming- Vegan Hemp & Camomile for a more tender scrub

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