Denes Digestion+ Powder 100g Dogs Cats Healthy Digestion Firming Stools



A traditional herbal food supplement formulated to help support the digestive system, soothing the lining of the bowel and firming stools. Now also includes Liquorice Root and Slippery Elm.

Each 100g pot contains - Kaolin 28g, Marshmallow Root 18g, Agrimony 15g, Peppermint Leaf 15g, liquorice Root 14g, Ginger Root 5g and Slippery Elm 5g.

Feeding Guide:
(Add to food - spoon provided)
Cats and small dogs 1 level scoop 3 times daily
Medium Dogs 2 level scoops 3 times daily
Large Dogs 3 level scoops 3 times daily
Very Large Dogs 4 level scoops 3 times daily

Health Benefits:

  • Digestive System

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