Eden Dog 80/20 Fish Cuisine: Catch Of The Day Small Kibble 2kg

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Fish Cuisine uses only the finest ingredients, Scottish Salmon and North Atlantic Herring, including seasonally available Cod, Haddock, Hake, Plaice and Pollock dependent on the “Catch of the Day”.  

    • 80% fish content, 20% fruit and vegetables
    • Superfoods; Spirulina and Green Lipped Mussel
    • With added Coconut Oil for multi-health benefits
    • Low carbohydrate/sugar content
    • Naturally Hypoallergenic, formulated without Grain, Gluten, White Potato
    • Freshly prepared Fish of human-grade quality
    • Salmon and Herring providing Omega 3 & 6
    • Prebiotics to support digestion
    • Health supporting Herbs, Organic Vitamins and Minerals for optimum absorption
    • Additional Joint Supplements
    • Made in Britain with British ingredients

    The natural anti-inflammatory properties of fish are ideal for dogs with:

    • Inflammation of the joints due to arthritis or similar problems
    • Ideal for competition/agility dogs as a preventative/supportive measure
    • Great for Itchy skin when caused by an intolerance to grain-based foods
    • Ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies/digestive issues

    Metabolisable Energy: 366 kCal/100g
    Total Animal Content: 80%
    Animal Protein (relative to total protein) 97%
    Protein digestibility (Pepsin value): 91.7%

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