Hikari Herptile Crested Gecko Gel 60g

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Hikari Herptile Crested Gecko Gel is an ideal alternative to livefood for Fruit & Insect-Eating Geckos like Crested Geckos, Giant Geckos and Phelsuma Day Geckos

ust squeeze out the soft, flavour-filled formulation from the spout and feed!

The ready-to-use paste-type food is highly flavourful and ideally suited for geckos that use their tongues to sense or partake of the food.

The lab-verified nutrient mix is rich in mealworm meal and carefully selected fruit ingredients, like mango.

Contains all the necessary nutrients fruit and insect-eating geckos need to live a long and health-filled life while eliminating the need for added calcium or other mineral supplements.

Formulated following extensive feeding trials at the Hikari® Aquatic Lab and the successful breeding of Crested Geckos using CrestGel™ exclusively.

The proprietary CrestGel™ production process eliminates parasite and bacterial concerns while the lack of preservatives reduces the chance of longer term health issues.

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