Lazy Bones Wire Rodent Cage - Single Storey

Lazy Bones

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Perfect for a most small animals, the Lazy Bones Wire Rodent Cage – Single Storey is a spacious cage with plenty of space for small animals to explore and play in.

  • Mini platform.
  • Large and wide ramp.
  • Study design.
  • Metal base.

A fun home for your small animals, this cage has plenty of space for a wide variety of activities such as creating nests, exploring its cage or simply snoozing!

This cage features has a mini platform level at the top of the cage that is perfect for more adventurous pets and is connected via wide ramps for easy and comfortable access.

With a sturdy design that is still easy to assemble, this cage is sure to become a happy place for your small animals!

Suitable for rats, ferrets, chinchillas, chipmunks and other rodents.

Dimensions: L72 x W45 x H37cm

Make your small animal’s home a happy home with the Lazy Bones Wire Rodent Cage – Single Storey.

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