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Designed specifically with arthritic or carpal tunnel-plagued owners in mind, the Lead Mate is an ergonomic attachment that ingeniously eliminates hazards that clutching at, tying knots in, or wrapping a leash around your wrist for greater control, can impose.

When simply clipped on the desired portion of the leash, the lightweight, no-slip sphere—made of 100 percent recycled ABS plastic—provides superb grip and a thoroughly comfortable hand-hold, allowing walkers to effortlessly deal with pullers, and clearly transmit commands. The Lead Mate can also be used to couple two leashes together for a double dog walk, fasten a leash around your waist for a hands-free jaunt or jog, or used as a tether, for securing a leash to a table at an outdoor cafe. 

While you can purchase the Lead Mate with a 6-foot reflective nylon lead with padded neoprene handle, the Lead Mate attachment can be purchased separately and be used with any leash—magically transforming it into one pretty near perfect product.


1 inch wide, 6 ft long black Nylon leash

Made of soft, durable nylon with reflective weave& 4mm thick neoprene padded handle

Includes secure stainless steel snap-clip & D-clip for accessories

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