Leopard Gecko Starter Kit - 2ft Oak Terrarium

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Leopard Gecko Starter Kit is a complete kit containing everything you need to house your new pet, simply add the Leopard Gecko!

Easy to set up and perfect for juvenile Leopard Geckos.

Contents included are:
- Monkfield Tall Terrainium, 61 x 38 x 30cm (24 x 15 x 12")
- HabiStat Leopard Gecko Bedding, 10kg
- HabiStat Mat Stat, White, 300 Watt
- HabiStat Heat Mat, 28 x 28cm (11 x 11"), 12 Watt
- Arcadia Mini UVB Kit, 7% UVB, ShadeDweller Lamp, 8W
- Exo Terra Thermometer
- Exo Terra Reptile Cave Small
- Mason & Cash Round Bowl for Water
- Vetark Nutrobal 50g

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