Liberta Raleigh Corner Parrot Cage

Rainforest Cages

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Suitable for medium and large sized parrots the Liberta Corner cage is one of the best value corner cages on the market. It features: Four stainless steel feeder bowls, 2 perches, parrot safe locks & bird safe, non-toxic powder coated paint finish. Probably the best value corner cage on the market.

Rainforest Cages are powder coated to the highest standards ensuring a metal finish better than any other cage you will see, bird safe locks and bird friendly paints to ensure a safe home for your bird.


W 100 x D 113 x H 183cm
W 98 x D 109 x H 152cm Internal
2cm Bar Spacing
5mm Wire Strength

Bird Size Guide

African Greys, Amazons, Small Cockatoos, Small Macaws, Large Conures, Macaws, Large Cockatoos


2 x 101.5cm Internal Perches
4 x 15cm Bowls

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