LickiMat Sprinkles - Hand Baked Crushed Biscuits Ready To Sprinkle

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LickiMat Sprinkles are now available in a variety of flavours.

These are hand-baked crushed biscuits and designed to work perfectly with LickiMats, Dogs and Cats love them!

LickiMats are great for mental stimulation and encourages natural behaviours with food

For extra freshness, contents are sealed in a separate bag inside, so remove and pour into container. Wet your LickiMat with water or any other tasty liquied. Shake Sprinkles over Lickimat to cover surface.

Complimentary pet food for dogs. Feed as a treat or reward. Serve 5 to 35g per day depending on breed, size and age.

Not suitable for puppies under 8 weeks.

LickiMat® Sprinkles 30 secs from Innovative Pet Products on Vimeo.

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