RC ARA II Parrot Cage

Rainforest Cages


Suitable for large sized parrots e.g. Macaw, Cockatoo the Liberta Rainforest cage is one of the best value large bird cages on the market. It features: Four stainless steel feeder bowls, open top perch, removable play stand, internal perch, parrot safe locks & bird safe, non-toxic powder coated paint finish. Probably the best value large bird cages on the market.

Rainforest Cages are powder coated to the highest standards ensuring a metal finish better than any other cage you will see, bird safe locks and bird friendly paints to ensure a safe home for your bird.


W 101 x D 81 x H 193cm
W 121 x D 101 x H 193cm With Seed Catchers
2.5cm Bar Spacing
5mm Wire Strength

Bird Size Guide

African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws


1 x 80cm Open Top Perch
1 x 102cm Internal Perch
3 x 15cm Internal Bowls
1 x Removable Play Stand

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