Superfish Aquarium Filter Aqua Flow 50 , 100 , 200 , 300, 400, XL Fish Tank Pump

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Superfish Aqua Flow Aquarium Filter 50 , 100 , 200 , 300, 400 , XL Fish Tank Pump

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  • The perfect filter for tropical and cold-water aquariums. 
  • The easy clean click system makes the filter cleaning easy, you can replace the filter cartridge in a snap. Spare cartridges available in our ebay shop. 
  • The Dual Action filter cartridge consists of filter foam with a fully open-structure for perfect filtering and activated carbon to remove organic contamination, chemicals and dyes from the water. Please Note: Aqua Flow XL is a triple action filter additionally using Crystal Max filter media for enhanced biological filtration.
  • For best results, replace the cartridge once a month. 
  • Compact internal filter providing optimal filtration and clean, clear water. 
  • Ideal for coldwater and tropical aquariums.
  • Spray bar attachment included.
  • 100% open structure foam provides optimal filtration and bacterial growth area. Adjustable flow rate.
  • Fitted with a UK 3 pin plug.
  • Easy attachment suckers.

Available in: 
  • Aqua Flow 50 suitable for tanks 0-50L
  • Aqua Flow 100 suitable for tanks 50-100L
  • Aqua Flow 200 suitable for tanks 100-200L
  • Aqua Flow 300 suitable for tanks 150-300L
  • Aqua Flow 400 suitable for tanks 200-400L
  • Aqua Flow XL suitable for tanks 100-200L

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