Chuckit! Ultra Links

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Build a lasting bond with your dog & get an interactive game of tug-o-war going with the Chuckit Ultra Links Dog Toy.

Ultra tough & built to last, Chuckit! Ultra Links are made with our patented "no seams" technology that prevents this tug toy from ripping apart as it's tugged & chewed on.

Perfect for energetic, multi-dog households the Ultra Link is built to stand up to the strongest tuggers & helps prevent boredom when you're away from home.

Made with the same durable, natural rubber as our popular Ultra Ball, the Chuckit! Ultra Links are gentle on your dogs' mouth as they chew & tug on the toy. Ultra tough & long lasting

Patented ""no seams"" technology makes this toy stand up to the strongest tuggers.

Solid natural- rubber construction

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