Hills Pets Community

Welcome to the Hills Pets Community, where you can support animal welfare by supporting the charities & trusts we work with.

The Hills Pets Community is set up for working with registered trusts and charities so they can create wishlists of items they require.  Donators can purchase items from the wishlist to be sent to the trust or charity.  Not only are the purchased items sent to the trust but also a % of each sale is allocated to the different trusts or charities.

If you run a dog or cat rescue, trust or charity and would like more information how to explore this further please ring us on 01706 822133 or email info@hillspetshop.co.uk

Below are a list of trusts or charities that we are currently supporting.

If you would like to donate items to any of the trusts, please click on one of the links below and choose the items you would like to purchase.  All items will be forwarded to your chosen trust or charity. Thank you!

Kitty Rescue Bury
Greenmount Wild Bird Hospital
RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Shelter