About our Boarding

Our indoor boarding facility has all of the home comforts, combine this with our many years of experience caring for all types of birds and animals, and our expert knowledge, we have everything that your pet needs to keep him or her healthy, happy and contented at very affordable prices - he or she may not want you to return !

Book instore or using our online booking system below. During peak periods (Summer, Christmas, Easter) we will ask for 50% deposit within 5 days of accepting a booking. 

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Small animals: (Own cages needed)

Gerbils & Hamsters

£2.00 per day / £12 per week

Guinea Pigs: (Hutches provided)

Single Hutch: £5 per day / £30 per week

Rabbits: (Hutches provided)

Standard Hutch: £7 per day / £42 per week

Supersized Hutch: £10 per day / £50 per week

ALL Rabbits must have their up to date Myxmatosis/RHD & the new RHD2 Vaccinations. (These are 2 separate jabs that are given 2 weeks apart from each other.) THIS IS FOR THE SAEFTY OF YOURS AND EVERY OTHER RABBIT HERE. These are extremely awful diseases, highly contagious and cause sudden death in rabbits.  

Birds: (Own cages for small birds, Cages provided for Parrots)

Budgies, Lovebirds, Cockatiels etc

£2.50 per day / £15 per week

Medium Parrots (e.g. Senegals, Caiques, African Greys)

£5 per day / £30 per week

Reptiles: (Vivs provided)

Tortoises & Geckos

£5 per day / £30 per week

Bearded Dragons

£7 per day / £42 per week