Caring For A Parrot - Pampering Polly (Hardback)

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First-Class Housing - Grooming and Good Health - Meeting Emotional Needs

There was a time when keeping a parrot simply meant putting a pet in a wire cage and feeding it seeds for the rest of its life.

We now know that parrots are far more than pets - they are sensitive and intelligent creatures that need a great deal of love and attention to make them happy.

Today's companion bird owners dedicate more time, money, and effort toward pampering their feathered friends than ever before.

These owners also realize that a bird's mental and emotional health is critical, especially because it will often have an effect on its physical health.

For example, if a parrot is bored because it has nothing to do in its cage all day long, it may begin screaming or feather plucking.

To make things easier, there is a constant stream of new products and information to help us keep our birds healthy and happy. As an added bonus, whenever we pamper our birds we also reap the benefits of sharing our lives with an appreciative, contented and healthy companion.

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