Caring For A Parrot - Ultimate Parrot Guide (Hardback)

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Selecting the Right Parrot - Training and Behaviour - A Parrot's Good Health

As millions of people have already discovered, companion birds can bring a great deal of joy and happiness to an owner's life. But the decision to bring a parrot into a home must be carefully considered.

To keep your parrot healthy, happy, and well adjusted, it will be your responsibility to provide nutritious foods, a safe and nurturing environment, quality health care, and plenty of socialization and fun.

This book is designed for those new to the amazing world of parrots and those looking for ways to enhance the life of the parrot that already shares their life.

The Ultimate Parrot Guide provides insight into the mysteries of parrot behaviour, with information on how to select the right bird, as well as how to house, feed, and tame a companion parrot. By providing the very best care and attention you can, you will be rewarded with years of affection and devotion.

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