Dexas ScrubBuster The Gentle Dog Washer

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The Dexas ScrubBuster is the gentle dog washing brush thanks to its sturdy yet flexible silicone bristles that dogs absolutely love! It provides a quick and thorough cleaning of a dog’s coat, while the bristles can easily reach and massage a dog’s skin. It even has a built-in pet shampoo reservoir that you can activate while scrubbing. Just press the soft button on the top when extra shampoo is needed. Dexas has added pet grooming gadgets to the entire line of pet care and pet travel products because we know how important pets are to the family. Our food and water bowls and travel cups are durable and collapsible, which means you can easily take your pet anywhere you go. Our pet grooming products are innovative in their designs, gentle on pets and constructed with durable silicone.
  • Gentle silicone bristles that dogs love! The Dexas ScrubBuster provides a quick and thorough washing of a dog’s coat
  • Soft silicone bristles reach all the way down to the skin
  • Built-in shampoo reservoir, just unscrew top retainer ring and remove bulb to fill with pet shampoo
  • Push down on bulb at top firmly to dispense pet shampoo through the bristles
  • The ScrubBuster is easy to clean; designed by Dexas in the USA

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