Dog University - A Training Programme To Develop Advanced Skills With Your Dog

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Task discrimination - identifying smells, objects & colours - Targeting

The Dog University training programme shows you how to teach your dog many advanced tasks, including chaining behaviours together, discrimination, directions, and targeting. More importantly, it teaches your dog how to think. By using positive reinforcement techniques, you'll build essential skills in a humane and fun way. Not only will your dog be mentally challenged, but your training and communication skills will be honed to the highest degree. With step-by-step photos that clearly illustrate the necessary training steps, you'll be able to train your dog to perform increasingly complex tasks.

With Dog University, you can teach your dog:

  • behaviours like pushing, pulling, retrieving, and circling objects
  • advanced targeting, including simultaneously touching multiple targets
  • directions, such as forward/back, right/left, and higher/lower
  • differentiation of objects, smells, colours, and shapes
  • behaviour chains, such as putting his toys in a basket
  • other advanced tasks, which include the concepts of "middle, "biggest," and "the same"

Dog University will provide you with the tools to teach your canine companion how to perform exciting and challenging activities while strengthening the bond you share.

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