Juwel Aquarium Rear Wall Posters

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JUWEL Poster are printed on both sides and offer a simple and highly effective background design of your aquarium, with attractive themes.

Available sizes:

S   -   60 x 30 cm - 86252
L   -   80 x 50 cm bis 100 x 50 cm - 86262
XL - 120 x 60 cm bis 150 x 60 cm - 86272

Poster 2

With its two pale blue underwater images, one on either side, Poster 2 gives you two attractive themes so that you can design your aquarium as you wish.

The waterproof film is simply applied to the back of your aquarium. For a particularly light, three-dimensional effect, we recommend fixing with JUWEL Poster Fix.

How do I correctly install the structured backgrounds in my aquarium?

Once you have cut the background to size, you should attach it using a specially developed glue. JUWEL Conexo is an extremely effective glue and is particularly suited for permanently attaching plastics to glass. JUWEL Conexo can also be used on moist surfaces. Videos about how to correctly install the JUWEL decoration elements are provided on the JUWEL website.

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