Pet Gear Dog Car Seatbelt Safety Harness XL 68-85cm - Universal Fitting

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Pet Gear Car Seatbelt Safety Harness

Comfortable padded harness to keep your dog secure in the car.
Helps keep the dog safely restrained while out on journeys.
The anti-twist mechanism allows the dog to move more freely.

Easy to use and fully adjustable for comfort, fits with any conventional seat belt. Can also be used as a general harness with a lead.

Fitting Instructions
1. Place the padded section between the dogs front legs.
2. Connect the buckles around the dogs neck and waist.
3. Adjust the harness so it fits securely, allowing for about a fingers width under the straps to ensure a comfortable fit.
4. Plug the seat belt in through the metal D ring to secure the dog in the car.

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