Rep Style Vivarium Heater Guard Large Rectangular 12 X 24cm

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Color: Black
Material: Iron
Length: 12cm
Width: 12cm 
Height: 24cm 
Application: Reptile anti-hot heating shade, fits for various heating lamps: ceramic heating lights, day lights, night lights, suitable for bulbs below 16cm (all bulbs).
● A quality and robust vivarium heat guard
● This guard is designed for simple installation and ease of maintenance.
● All our heat guards feature a quick access door for easy bulb changes, a generous cable gap for flush mounting and dual spring catches for added safety.
● Strong and sturdy.
Installation instructions:
1. Put the lamp cover and tighten the four screws
2. Pull the upper part of the spring up to mention, so that the spring is no longer hook the lamp cover.
3. Easy to use, you can open the lid.
Package Included:
1 x Lamp Guard Cage

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