Rosewood Abode Pink & Orange Hamster Cage

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The Abode for dwarf hamsters and mice is a high quality home which is both easy to clean and escape-proof. the solid sides keep in litter and helps pets feel more secure, while the narrow barred metal access hatch provides great access and plenty of ventilation.

It is stylishly appointed with a solid exercise wheel (so no trapped feet or tails), food dish, easy to use drop in water bottle and plenty of levels and ladders. It even comes with a sleeping area which can also be used instead for sand bathes. the solid base is deep enough for an extra thick layer of litter for burrowing.

All the accessories are fixed or held within the transparent lid, so when this is removed it means the base is really easy to clean.

Ideal for dwarf hamsters and mice of all ages.

Available in three great colours: Orange and Blue, Stunning Silver and Hot Pink.

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