Simple Solution Pet Carpet Fresh Granules 500g

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  • Simple Solution Pet Carpet freshener removes lingering pet odours that get trapped in carpets and upholstery
  • To remove the source of the odour, simply sprinkle the granules evenly over the carpet and vacuum thoroughly
  • The pet friendly Pro-bacteria formula is specifically designed to completely rid your home of odours
  • With a hint of Spring Breeze, carpet fresh granules keep your home smelling fresh and clean with long lasting odour neutralising technology
  • Quick and easy, when you don’t have time to shampoo
  • Maintains a fresh and pleasant environment for you and your pet

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Hold the bottle slightly inclined and shake from side to side sprinkling the contents evenly over the carpeted area. Wait a few minutes and then vacuum thoroughly for a clean fresh scent. For use only on dry carpets.

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