Sötnos Puppy Bow Lead Grey

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The Puppy Bow range was designed specifically for puppies and small dogs, our team designed a super-cute, tartan design with the signature 'puppy bow'. The addition of the bow adds extra cute-ness and is super stylish that is sure to make all the other pooches jealous!

The Sötnos multi function, versatile, smart lead adds additional purpose and functionality when walking your dog! This smart lead allows users to switch from a 127cm standard walking lead to a 95cm control lead in an instant - perfect for training and obedience! You can also quickly tether your dog to a tree or post if necessary. We do not advise owners to leave dogs alone whilst tethered.

Made from a high quality, soft-finish, tartan nylon and PU dark grey leather, this lead creates a smart and sophisticated look. This lead has a matching collar available too, the perfect pair!

Every Sötnos patterned collar & lead is unique, so you will never find 2 collars exactly the same as the lead is cut from a single sheet of pattered fabric to reduce waste.

Complete with a black chrome embossed tag & buckle. This lead is also made a soft-finish, tough nylon and PU leather which is super durable & and easy to clean!

The images are a section of the tartan pattern, your collar & lead pattern will vary and be completely unique to your dog.

Sizing Available: (width x length)
Small: 1.2 x 120cm
Medium: 1.5 x 120cm

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