Sotnos Urban Grey Tweed Collar 1.5x38cm

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The Grey Classic collar is a timeless classic, the hint is in the name.


This high quality item is made from a beautiful, soft-finish, grey nylon and PU leather for a smart and sophisticated look for your dog. This collar has a matching lead available too, the perfect pair


For a colourful touch, pair with the Sötnos Teal Cable Knit Jumper to create your own unique look!


Complete with a black chrome embossed tag, lead loop & buckle. This collar is also made a soft-finish, tough nylon and PU leather which is super durable & and easy to clean!


Sizing Available: (width x length)

1.5 x 26cm

1.5 x 34cm

2.0 x 44cm

2.0 x 52cm

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