SuperFish Aqua Heating Eco-Heaters 30-200L

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Superfish Aquarium Heater Nano 50W 100W 200W 300W Submersible

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Details: Submersible heaters for aquariums. Temperature control on top for easy adjustment. 

  • Temperature control on top of heater for precise setting. 
  • Sensitive and reliable for thermostat maintains uniform temperature.
  • Highly efficient and compact heating element. 
  • Supplied with cable for easy installation. 
  • 2 Years warranty. Detailed manual enclosed.
  • UK Plug fitted

Available in: 

  • Nano Heater- 50 W - 17cm - Aquarium Size 0-30L
  • Eco Heater- 100W - 29cm - Aquarium Size 30-75L
  • Eco Heater- 200W - 35cm - Aquarium Size 75-125L
  • Eco Heater - 300W - 35cm - Aquarium Size 125-200L

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