Trill Budge Seed 500g

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In their natural habitat birds select their own optimum diet from a variety of food sources. Your birds relies on you to provide variety all the essential vitamins and nutrients he needs.

TRILL® Budgie Food contains everything your bird needs for a fit, healthy and active life. By choosing TRILL® you can be confident that you are providing the very best for your bird.

Our specialist knowledge ensures that TRILL® Budgie Food delivers the following to meet your daily requirements:

Vitamins - Essential vitamins and Iodine S11 to reinforce his natural immune system.

Calcium - Calcium to build up healthy bones.

Clean Seeds - A variety of carefully cleaned seeds.


Specially selected seeds: Canary seed - high in protein Red millet - nutritious and wholesome White millet - easy to digest Yellow millet - especially tasty Oats - highly palatable and rich in vitamins


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