Trixie Kenton Synthetic Wool Knit Dog Jumper

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Not every dog is protected sufficiently from cold, rain and wind by his fur. In particular older or sick dogs benefit from fashionable weather protection. It is also useful to prevent the dog getting cold when he has to wait outside or in the car. TRIXIE dog pullovers, dog coats, dog raincoats and winter coats offer optimal protection against low temperatures and wetness with their different grades of warmth.

Trixie Kenton Synthetic Wool Knit Dog Jumper

Synthetic Wool (Acryl)

Loops for Hind Legs

 Size & Backlength: Neck Circumference Stomach Circumference
XS: 24cm 22cm 34cm
XS: 27cm 24cm 36cm
XS: 30cm
26cm 38cm
S: 33cm 30cm 40cm
S: 36cm 32cm 42cm
S: 40cm 34cm 44cm
M: 45cm 36cm 48cm
M: 50cm 38cm 52cm
L: 55cm 40cm 54cm
L: 60xm 42cm 58cm


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