Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Kiwi Orange & Banana 3Pk

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The popular crackers® with valuable seeds, delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs promise pure taste and are a welcome change on the menu of budgerigars.

For more variety, this pack contains three different varieties:
+ sesame & banana, + Orange & Apricot  and + kiwi & citrus.

The delicious grain mixtures are baked in three layers on natural wood. This offers the birds an extra long snacking pleasure with species-appropriate occupation, as the animals work out their own food as in nature. At the same time, nibbling on the natural wood inside the mixture helps with beak care.

For a vital bird life!

This is our Vitakraft® quality promise for crackers®:
The crispy nibble sticks are specially adapted to budgerigars and convince with natural raw materials of high quality. Enriched with vital vitamins.

1 x Cracker® + Sesame & Banana1
x Cracker® + Orange & Apricot 
x Cracker® + Kiwi & Citrus

  • For budgerigars
  • Vital vitamins and minerals
  • Sugar-free recipe (exception: + sesame & banana)
  • Three delicious layers
  • Baked on untreated natural wood
  • Natural raw materials of high quality
  • Made in Germany
  • With practical clip holder

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