Why Does My Dog...Overcome Your Dog's Problem Behaviour (Paperback)

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How to overcome your dog's problem behaviour: an essential guide for all dog owners.

This practical, authoritative book, written by a leading dog behaviour expert with long experience of helping owners of problem dogs, gives you the answers and explains how to change your dog's behaviour without resorting to punishment.

What does your dog eat? Where does he sleep? How much exercise and socialising does he get? How has he been trained? All these can lead to problems if you do not bear in mind how a dog's mind works.

Above all, you need to understand the instincts he has inherited from his wolf ancestors, which make him respond in ways that are quite normal but may cause problems for you.

John Fisher provides fascinating insights into the roots of dog behaviour and takes you through an A-Z of specific problems with solutions that any dog owner can use successfully. Written with the needs of both dog and owner in mind, this helpful and enlightening book will ensure that your dog becomes a happy and acceptable member of the household.

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