Why Does My Rabbit...? Pet Owners Guide (Paperback)

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Comprehensive and practical...answers all the questions you've ever had about rabbits

With rabbits now the third most popular pet after cats and dogs, and with more and more people keeping them in the house rather than a hutch, behaviour problems are now arising that often stem from a lack of understanding of natural rabbit instincts.

Practical and informative, this book by a specialist in rabbit behaviour will help both owners and rabbits live together more harmoniously.

Arranged in an A to Z format, it covers the whole spectrum of rabbit behaviour, explaining how rabbits live together in the wild and how the artificial nature of a hutch or house can distort natural urges and may cause stress.

Dealing with a whole range of problems, Anne McBride shows how a better understanding of rabbits and their ways, combined with simple adjustments to your rabbit's living conditions, will enable it to be itself and ensure that you have a happy, contented pet who will bring you years of afectionate and delightful companionship.

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