Vitakraft Budgie Kracker Feather Care 2Pk

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The irresistible feather care crackers® not only taste good, but also offer the animals a valuable function. This variant contains vital vitamins, minerals and the essential amino acid methionine for optimal support of moults.

The delicious grain mixture is baked in three layers on natural wood. This offers the birds an extra long snacking pleasure with species-appropriate occupation, as the animals work out their own food as in nature. At the same time, nibbling on the natural wood inside the mixture helps with beak care.

For a vital bird life!

This is our Vitakraft® quality promise for crackers®:
The crispy nibble sticks are specially adapted to budgerigars and convince with natural raw materials of high quality. Enriched with vital vitamins and made according to sugar-free formula.

  • For budgerigars
  • With valuable vitamins, minerals and the essential amino acid methionine to support moulting
  • Vital vitamins and minerals
  • Sugar-free formula
  • Three delicious layers
  • Baked on untreated natural wood
  • Natural raw materials of high quality
  • Made in Germany
  • With practical clip holder

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